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4Media DVD to Video for Mac FAQ

    Q: For most of DVDs, so long as I put them into my DVD drive, your program will recognize them and load their content into automatically. But for some of them, it seems that nothing happens although I have put them into for a long time. How can I load DVD in this situation?

    A: In this situation, you need click the "Add" button in the program. And then in the following dialog-box, you should browse to the DVD drive of your Mac. Choose the Video_TS folder of your DVD disc and click "Choose" to get the DVD movie loaded into.

    Q: According to the web description, your program should be able to support many different output formats. But I do not know where to select those formats. Can you tell me?

    Q: After my DVD is converted, I noticed that the output file is not in the exact audio track and subtitle I want. How can I set those options?

    Q: There are many output options in the "Profile" list. But I just want to backup my favorite DVDs in my Mac. So could you please tell me what the best format I should choose? I hope that I can get output files in better quality as well as in proper file size. It should not be too large.

    Q: I want to name the output files in my own way. Can I do it in your program before I start the conversion job?

    Q: I just want to get a small clip of my DVD. How can I do it?

    Q: How can I find the output files after the conversion is done?

    Q: After the conversion is completed, I am not satisfied with the quality of the output file. Is it possible to get better qualities in both video and audio?

    Q: There are two kinds of profiles your program offered for iPod conversion job, 320x240 and 640x480. What is their difference?

    Q: After I got iPod output files, how can I import them into iPhone?

    Q: I found many similar profile options in the list, such as several ones for iPod and several ones for iPhone. What are their different in?

    Q: After I got Apple TV output files, how can I import them into Apple TV?

    Q: My original DVD is a 16:9 one. But after the conversion, I got a 4:3 file. Can I keep the original aspect?

    Q: I convert my DVD to iPhone format. And the output file can be played well on my Mac. But after I sync the file into iPhone by iTunes, I can only get a black video content during the playback on the iPhone. Why?

    Q: I have tried to sync the output files into iPhones through iTunes. But it seems that iTunes refuses to accept them. It gives me the message that the file can not be played in iTunes. Why?

    Q: What is the best audio format that can be played in iPod or iPhone?

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